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MS Series Crydom

The MS Series of DIN mount heatsink assemblies is designed specifically for Crydom SSRs in the industry standard panel mount package. An appropriate heatsink can be selected by its performance in terms of current load at a stated air temperature.

bulletDesigned for industry standard panel mount SSRs
Drilled and tapped for easy mount of SSR
Rugged steel DIN mount
TS35 DIN rail compatible
Black anodised design
Efficient design


Selection Guide

Heatsink For Relay Type Continuous Current Rating at 40°C
MS1 D2450 38A
  HD4850 38A
  D2475 40A
  HD4890 44A
  D1D20 18A
  D1D40 30A
  D06D80 55A
  D06D100 75A
MS2 D2425 21A
  D2450 24A
  10PCV2540 22A
  HD4850 24A
  SSC1000-25-24 20A
  D1D20 14A
  D1D12 12A
  D06D60 40A
  D06D80 45A
MS3 D53TP25D 18A
  D53TP50D 22A
  A53TP50D 22A
MS4 D2410 9A
  D2425 14A
  D1D12 9A
  D4D12 6A



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